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Here on the homestead, we create custom products to aid in our clients' and customers' spiritual growth and overall wellness. Take a look at some of our offerings and let us know how we can assist you in reaching your wholistic goals.

gemstone bracelets.jpg

Gemstone Bracelets

These Gemstone Bracelets Can Help Invigorate Your Life Force And Enhance Your Spiritual Work.


Herb Infused Candles

These Candles Are For a Wide Range Of Needs Including:  Fertility, Prosperity, Relationship Enhancement, Sleep Aide, Grounding etc. 

Sage Sticks.jpg

Sage Sticks with Gemstones

Beautifully hand-crafted 5" Sage Sticks with Gemstones to assist you in setting your intentions and cleansing the energy in your space.


Gemstone Earrings

Custom Gemstone Earrings Designed to Accentuate Your Work and Provide Spiritual Support In A Decorative Fashion.

Wearing Waistbeads.png

Waistbeads (Adjustable)

Use These Adjustable Waistbeads To Accentuate Your Figure, Aide In Weight Loss, Increase Fertility And So Much More!


Chakra "Ice Cream" Candles

These Represent The First 7 Chakras And Serve As Focal Points When Utilizing Chakra Meditations/Chants.

Hand Moisturizer Photo 1.jpg

Beeswax Hand Moisturizer

This all-natural Beeswax Moisturizer is sure to keep your hands feeling soft! Lightly scented with natural Vanilla Oil. Vitamin E Oil added as preservative.

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